Friday, March 2, 2012

Forgive and Forget

okay so today I wanted to talk about something that is important but not easy. and that is to Forgive and Forget.

Forgiveness, depending on the circumstances, is extreamly hard. But like the above image says its neccessary so we can start healing and move on. In my opinion forgiving is eventually easy (for minor things anyway), we usually understand that in order to move on with our lives we got to forgive, not for the person who did it to us but for ourselves. When we forgive someone we make the stand that this is not going to affect us anymore and we can get past it, continuing to live our lives.

Forgetting is the hard part, and in some ways I don't think we always have a choice. Sure we can stop ourselves from dwelling on it, but I think it takes a lot longer. Things that we thought were long forgiven and forgotten take us by surprise when the hurt shows up in the middle of the night when we are trying to sleep, or we are in a moment of quite and we suddenly remember the pain and the moment that hurt us. Even for minor things an email or a comment from a friend often take us by surprise by showing after we were sure things like that were in the past. eventually though it leaves and new memories (hopefully happier ones) take thier place.

In a way though its funny how our mind works we study and study and study trying to memorize everything covered on a test
Yet the minute we get the test it seems at least half of the information vanishes
or we have a hard time remembering dates like a friends birthday or anniversery.etc
But when its something we really wish we could forget our mind doesnt let us for a long while anyways.
And the hard part is what do we do everyone else has moved on so we don't dare bring it up or talk about it to them.
some things we can do though is pray, the good lord is always there to listen
talk to another friend
journal about it
the important thing is to not let it control us or affect us ignore it and it shall pass.

well sorry this post was kind of all over the place, thanks for reading
remember to love one another as God has loved you

God bless


  1. Beautiful post my sister!! :) I struggle with forgiveness sometimes...not over trivial things, but bigger things that happened in the past and have left me scarred (even in my short 15 years, it happens) but I am learning to give it to God and move on. :D

    Forgive and forget, live and learn, and move on. My sister would tell me that allll the time when i was upset at her over something she did. ;) I have to admit that it's pretty good advice.

    Awesome post! I love you!

    JC <3

    1. Same here but moving on is definitly not easy sometimes. Thanks for reading my sister love you too


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