Thursday, August 9, 2012

Closure.. and other random thoughts

So picture a perfect world where everyone is kind and sweet to each other, there are no fights, everyone thinks before speaking and rarely are people's feeling ever hurt and when they are hurt the involved parties always apologize and work it out.......

Okay back to reality now we all know this is a dream world and in the real world many people don't think before they speak, and usually have no idea the impact of what they said and how much it hurt someone else. People get their feelings hurt all the time and not very often is an apology ever offered or is anything else ever said. I know harsh right but come on think about it I am sure you have been in a position where someone you hardly know or a complete stranger comes by says something rude or mean and walks on by now chances are that you will never see that person again and they probably don't realize and don't care that they hurt you. But a lot of times their hostility and harsh words do stick with us and how much they stick with us can be surprising I mean why should the thoughts of a complete stranger bug us so much. I don't think its the words as much as it is the lack of closure or even their lack of acknowledging anything is wrong.

I face this at work all the time people yell or curse at me at things i have little or no control over and of course it hurts, and at the moment all I want to do is either cry or chase that person down and remind them I am a person with real feelings and at least be acknowledged by them but what would any of these options solve, crying may relieve the emotion but only temporarily and chasing them down will not only get me in trouble but quite possibly laughed at. And I know it hurts and quite frankly it sucks they get to go on with their life and I am still feeling hurt NOT FAIR. but then when is life ever fair. However I do have a choice I can push it aside telling myself THEY ARE NOT worth it and letting the happier moments take place sure its still there but I can choose not to let it rule me.

We have to face in life that not all conflicts are going to be resolved whether it is between complete strangers or worse between friends or family. But at some point we have to move on and find another way of closure without the other person. In a case of a stranger your never going to see them again so eventually you have to let it go for your sake. With the case of friends and family its even more crucial to let it go otherwise you risk shattering your relationship with that person.

The best way to find closure and find peace is to remember that like us no one is perfect. People will make mistakes and let emotion or stress or frustration get the best of them. Often it has little with you or anything you did there is more going on. Facing the fact that chances are the person didn't mean to hurt us and we are not to blame can help us find closure on the subject or conflict.

Moving on to happier or anyway other news a few weeks ago I rediscovered my favorite Christian radio station my mom happened to have it on in her car when i was riding with her :D and so i turned it on in me and my sister's car and have been listening to it ever since. and wow i can't believe the difference it just is so relaxing and automatically puts me in a better mood especially when I am on my way to work it just makes me look at things a lot more positively. Its mriaculous the way God uses the smallest of changes to make such big impacts in our life. I thought I would share some of my favoirte songs here for you all to enjoy so well.. enjoy

song title : I refuse
Artist: Josh Wilson

This song is incredible its so motivating and is a great reminder

                                                         song title: strong enough
                                                          artist: Matthew West
                                           definitly one of my favorite songs very reassuring and comforting

I will probably share more later but thats all for now Hope you all enjoy remember to love one another as God has loved you God bless