Monday, March 12, 2012

"Be still and Know that I am God"

So Today I was planning my class for religious education tomorrow and for part of the lesson our director showed us this very beautiful wonderful activity, that I am so excited to do with my class (though i must admit since they are kindergartners i am really curious to see how its going to go )

The activity focuses on being quite. Its about quieting our minds and hearts (and surroundings) to really allow Jesus to enter our hearts.

Stop and think about it for a minute. How much of our day is spent in noise

Now think of how much of that noise is unnecessary. Why are we so afraid of silence?  Why do we feel the need to fill the silence with noise, a lot of times meaningless noise.
Silence can be a wondeful thing. It gives us time to think and reflect on the events of our lives and give God a chance to talk to us and for us to really hear him.

A wise person knows when to speak and when to be silent. Beleive it or not its okay not to fill every silence with meaningless words. In fact Silence should be embraced not feared. We should all seek out silence in our daily lives. Seek out the time to reflect and renew without distractions. Rediscover the littlle things that often get pushed aside since our world is so noisy.  A bird silenty chirping, the wind blowing, cricketes in the moonlight, a flowing stream.

Soo next time you have a quite moment in your life don't pick up your phone or power up your computer. Embrace the moment, Spend it in reflection and talking and LISTENING to the Lord.

So I challenge you and myself to find time each day (or every chance you can) to :
-find a quite place in your house
-turn off all electronics
-remove all distractions (books, photos, toys,games,etc)
-sit down
-close your eyes
-and just reflect and talk to the lord
-remember to also listen too

Remember that silence is a chance for renewal and reflection.
Its a time (sometimes a rare time) to really get to talk and spend time with God. So don;t fill it with needless distracting noise Embrace it for the gift it is.

Thanks for reading my friends
Remember to love one another as God loves you

God bless

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stop bullying yourself

Okay Happy sunday readers

Ever realize we are our own worst enemy. Really think about it, how many times a day do you think to yourself something along these lines
    "Why the heck did you say that now everyone is going to think your stupid"
     "Why can't you be more like.... or be more normal"
     "whats wrong with me.. I am soo... "

I know I do, but why?
Why do we compare ourselves to others?
Why do we look past the faults of others, but are soo hard on ourselves?
Why do we care soo much what others think of us?

News Flash like everyone else on this Planet we are human, we are differnt from everyone else, There is absolutly NOBODY in the world exactly like us. Soooo STOP comparing yourself to someone else guess what no matter how good thier life looks on the outside. They still have problems, or things they too want to change about themselves. Be true to yourself you are who you are and you are wonderfully different. God made you that way, don't fret it or hide from it, EMBRACE it.

We are going to make mistakes, it happens its how we grow and learn. If others can't let that go its their problem not yours. Take the mistake, see what you can learn from it and move on, working to do better next time.

Why do we care so much what others think about us. Really? I mean they are just another human, full of thier own faults. Why do we constantly have to seek their approval and until we get it we have this feeling we can't be happy with ourselves. Guess what if you are proud of yourself, then be proud you deserve to be, and you don't need anyone else to give you permission to be happy or proud of yourself.

you don't need anyone else's approval do what makes you happy and what feels right. The only approval you should seek is The Lord's and guess what he doesn't care if
                                     -you wear the coolest clothes
                                      - follow the latest trends
                                       -hang out with the "in" group

Live your life for him. Let him guide your heart, and you have nothing to be sorry for.

Remember that God loves you and you are precious and wonderful in his sight. So be precious and wonderful in your own sight.

you are talented in your own way, you are blessed in more ways then you sometimes care to see. You bring joy and light to others thats what matters

and stop beating yourself up, there enough people doing that in the world already so love yourself, be proud of yourself, accept yourself for who you are

            remember you are brilliant and loved by God, what reason do you have to hate yourself. You are absolutly amazing in your own special way. You bring something to others lives and are important to others. Love yourself.

Thanks for reading, my readers, Love you all May God bless you and yours.

Remember love one another as God has loved you

God bless

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Christian Pet Peeves

Okay yeah I know the title is kind of weird but let me explain there are certain things people do that bug me as a christian and that's what this post is about. warning this is a ranty post. anyhow moving on

One of my main "christian pet peeves" is when people wear huge crosses or Jesus pieces, especially rappers or others who use it as their "bling bling" The cross is about Jesus not jewelry. I did a bit of research on the issue (well honestly I was just looking for pics as examples) anyway i came across an article that explains it, weather wearing this kind of jewelery is respectful or disrespectful and it appears it has come from a Disrespectful trend, though I am not saying everyone who does it feels the same way that the rappers who made then trend famous does but should be aware of its orgins here is the article Jesus Piece: Respectful or Disrespectful. In addition to the orgins of this trend, which as a Christian make me sick to be honest. I still don't like big crosses and big pieces of Jewelery because in my opinion they are way to flashy, its too in your face, which in my opinion isn't very "Chirstian like" Now please don't think I am against crosses as Jewlery I am not, in fact  I have several, you know the small ones that are normal sized and are worn to show that you love Jesus and are not afraid to let it be known let me show it pictures.

These pieces are not only flashy but are worn with disrespect as a piece of jewelery, especially the above one that takes something sacred like Jesus dying on the cross and completly twists it around.

These on the other hand are simple and can be worn to show your love of Jesus and proclaim that fact that Jesus is in your heart.

Truthfully its all how its worn, please remember the cross is truly about Jesus and should be treated with respect.

My next Pet Peeve though I am guilty of it, as many are is using the Lord's name in vain
Its one of the commandments yet we disobey it so often.
common examples: using the phrase OMG- yes i know we all do it but its not the way to take our savior's name, its using his name as a means of expressing excitement or anger and frustration.

another example is using his name as a cuss word, this really bothers me. He gave up his life for us and we disgrace his name as a cuss word.

Okay now i know that we slip up we are not perfect and in the heat of the moment we don't think about it and it sort of slips out, despite our best intentions. However there are several other words that can express our anger or frustaration or excitement other than using our Father, Lord and savior's name, Just something to work on and be a little bit more aware of. 

The next trend isn't really a pet peeve its just something that bothers me in a way. Its when people tend to only pray when they need something, yes of course I don't think its wrong to place your needs before God, its what we are called to do, but exclusively only praying to complain or beg when things go wrong bugs me. God has blessed you in soo many ways, weather you see it or not. He loves to hear from you even when things are going great.

In the daily grind of life its easy to forget how truly blessed we are, often we only pray when we need something or to complain that things are not going our way.
prayer in my opinion should be a daily thing that we do often and everywhere, even if its just to let God know how we are doing or let him know how loved and appreciated he really is

Okay one more and then i promise i will stop ranting. It drives me to insanity when people who don't pray, or go to church and live however they want claim Jesus is their "homeboy" it doesn't work like that If you truly know Jesus live the life he wants you to live Jesus should always be first in your life, its in my opinion to be taken seriously not as some joke.
If you truly Love God show it through your actions and words don't be a hypocrite and only be a "christian" when it suits you. Okay i will stop ranting now

Just remeber God loves us and blesses us each and everyday have some respect.

thanks for reading my very ranty post. I promise there are more inspirational ones to come in the near future. again thanks for reading
Remember to love others as God has loved you
before I leave here are some more pics that i came across and loved so decided to share enjoy!
Love this so true

This quote really struck something in me I love it and its soo true.

I honestly can't explain it but this photo gives me chills its soo precious whats not to love about it

anyway thanks for reading God bless Love you all

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Forgiving yourself

Soo I am back yay, well my last post was about forgiving and forgetting. Honestly I did the post because it was something I thought I was struggling with truth is I wasn't mad or upset at others and have found out that i have long forgiven them and forgot about it.

But there is one person that me and many others often forgive last or have a trouble forgiving them at all and that is ourselves. Often we can see past the faults of others (even if it takes a little while) but we tend to be extreamly hard on ourselves.

It is very true that we are our own worst critic. No matter how trivial something is it is hard for us to let go that we hurt someone or made a mistake and why? I mean we know that no one is perfect and we never claim to be so why do we take it soo hard when we mess up? I mean think about it even Jesus's 12 diciples who lived his teachings made mistakes, God knows we are not perfect, he knows we are going to make mistakes, and its okay its how we learn and its what makes us human

I mean we take all the steps we apologize, we occasionly go to confession, we try to make things right, yet we still hold it against us. We still are soo hard on ourselves constantly beating ourselves up. maybe its because we feel we don't get to make that choice we feel that unless we know for sure others are okay or forgave what we did we don't get to. Thats not true
you do have the right to forgive yourself, you made a mistake like we all do, do what you can admit to it and move on. Take it as a learning experience.

and in some cases we don't have the whole story we may think something we did souly lead to something else but we may not have been the soul cause we may have been a contributing factor but not the only reason yet we put all the blame on ourselves. Lets face it we are very unfair to ourselves.

In a way feeling guilt is great, we realize that we did wrong but we also must realize we are not perfect and mistakes happen so we can feel guitly about something we did but don't let it over take you. Use it productively and realize sometimes you can't change things and thats okay too.

Remember God knows we are not perfect and loves us anyway. Nothing we do will ever make God stop loving us
(love this picture)

Soo we should love and forgive ourselves too. We only live once and living in regret is no way to live.

Thanks for reading. Remember to love one another as God has loved you

God bless
(note:images found on bing i don't own them)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Forgive and Forget

okay so today I wanted to talk about something that is important but not easy. and that is to Forgive and Forget.

Forgiveness, depending on the circumstances, is extreamly hard. But like the above image says its neccessary so we can start healing and move on. In my opinion forgiving is eventually easy (for minor things anyway), we usually understand that in order to move on with our lives we got to forgive, not for the person who did it to us but for ourselves. When we forgive someone we make the stand that this is not going to affect us anymore and we can get past it, continuing to live our lives.

Forgetting is the hard part, and in some ways I don't think we always have a choice. Sure we can stop ourselves from dwelling on it, but I think it takes a lot longer. Things that we thought were long forgiven and forgotten take us by surprise when the hurt shows up in the middle of the night when we are trying to sleep, or we are in a moment of quite and we suddenly remember the pain and the moment that hurt us. Even for minor things an email or a comment from a friend often take us by surprise by showing after we were sure things like that were in the past. eventually though it leaves and new memories (hopefully happier ones) take thier place.

In a way though its funny how our mind works we study and study and study trying to memorize everything covered on a test
Yet the minute we get the test it seems at least half of the information vanishes
or we have a hard time remembering dates like a friends birthday or anniversery.etc
But when its something we really wish we could forget our mind doesnt let us for a long while anyways.
And the hard part is what do we do everyone else has moved on so we don't dare bring it up or talk about it to them.
some things we can do though is pray, the good lord is always there to listen
talk to another friend
journal about it
the important thing is to not let it control us or affect us ignore it and it shall pass.

well sorry this post was kind of all over the place, thanks for reading
remember to love one another as God has loved you

God bless