Saturday, March 3, 2012

Forgiving yourself

Soo I am back yay, well my last post was about forgiving and forgetting. Honestly I did the post because it was something I thought I was struggling with truth is I wasn't mad or upset at others and have found out that i have long forgiven them and forgot about it.

But there is one person that me and many others often forgive last or have a trouble forgiving them at all and that is ourselves. Often we can see past the faults of others (even if it takes a little while) but we tend to be extreamly hard on ourselves.

It is very true that we are our own worst critic. No matter how trivial something is it is hard for us to let go that we hurt someone or made a mistake and why? I mean we know that no one is perfect and we never claim to be so why do we take it soo hard when we mess up? I mean think about it even Jesus's 12 diciples who lived his teachings made mistakes, God knows we are not perfect, he knows we are going to make mistakes, and its okay its how we learn and its what makes us human

I mean we take all the steps we apologize, we occasionly go to confession, we try to make things right, yet we still hold it against us. We still are soo hard on ourselves constantly beating ourselves up. maybe its because we feel we don't get to make that choice we feel that unless we know for sure others are okay or forgave what we did we don't get to. Thats not true
you do have the right to forgive yourself, you made a mistake like we all do, do what you can admit to it and move on. Take it as a learning experience.

and in some cases we don't have the whole story we may think something we did souly lead to something else but we may not have been the soul cause we may have been a contributing factor but not the only reason yet we put all the blame on ourselves. Lets face it we are very unfair to ourselves.

In a way feeling guilt is great, we realize that we did wrong but we also must realize we are not perfect and mistakes happen so we can feel guitly about something we did but don't let it over take you. Use it productively and realize sometimes you can't change things and thats okay too.

Remember God knows we are not perfect and loves us anyway. Nothing we do will ever make God stop loving us
(love this picture)

Soo we should love and forgive ourselves too. We only live once and living in regret is no way to live.

Thanks for reading. Remember to love one another as God has loved you

God bless
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  1. O.O Really good post!
    First of all that last picture is totally amazing and I love it so much!
    I think there is probably lots of stuff I should forgive myself for, but sometimes I don't know where to begin. Because it's like trying to fix my broken arm with.. my broken arm. Does that make sense?
    But I totally agree with you. There's no reason to live a regretful life. Good post!!!!!!!


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