Thursday, March 8, 2012

Christian Pet Peeves

Okay yeah I know the title is kind of weird but let me explain there are certain things people do that bug me as a christian and that's what this post is about. warning this is a ranty post. anyhow moving on

One of my main "christian pet peeves" is when people wear huge crosses or Jesus pieces, especially rappers or others who use it as their "bling bling" The cross is about Jesus not jewelry. I did a bit of research on the issue (well honestly I was just looking for pics as examples) anyway i came across an article that explains it, weather wearing this kind of jewelery is respectful or disrespectful and it appears it has come from a Disrespectful trend, though I am not saying everyone who does it feels the same way that the rappers who made then trend famous does but should be aware of its orgins here is the article Jesus Piece: Respectful or Disrespectful. In addition to the orgins of this trend, which as a Christian make me sick to be honest. I still don't like big crosses and big pieces of Jewelery because in my opinion they are way to flashy, its too in your face, which in my opinion isn't very "Chirstian like" Now please don't think I am against crosses as Jewlery I am not, in fact  I have several, you know the small ones that are normal sized and are worn to show that you love Jesus and are not afraid to let it be known let me show it pictures.

These pieces are not only flashy but are worn with disrespect as a piece of jewelery, especially the above one that takes something sacred like Jesus dying on the cross and completly twists it around.

These on the other hand are simple and can be worn to show your love of Jesus and proclaim that fact that Jesus is in your heart.

Truthfully its all how its worn, please remember the cross is truly about Jesus and should be treated with respect.

My next Pet Peeve though I am guilty of it, as many are is using the Lord's name in vain
Its one of the commandments yet we disobey it so often.
common examples: using the phrase OMG- yes i know we all do it but its not the way to take our savior's name, its using his name as a means of expressing excitement or anger and frustration.

another example is using his name as a cuss word, this really bothers me. He gave up his life for us and we disgrace his name as a cuss word.

Okay now i know that we slip up we are not perfect and in the heat of the moment we don't think about it and it sort of slips out, despite our best intentions. However there are several other words that can express our anger or frustaration or excitement other than using our Father, Lord and savior's name, Just something to work on and be a little bit more aware of. 

The next trend isn't really a pet peeve its just something that bothers me in a way. Its when people tend to only pray when they need something, yes of course I don't think its wrong to place your needs before God, its what we are called to do, but exclusively only praying to complain or beg when things go wrong bugs me. God has blessed you in soo many ways, weather you see it or not. He loves to hear from you even when things are going great.

In the daily grind of life its easy to forget how truly blessed we are, often we only pray when we need something or to complain that things are not going our way.
prayer in my opinion should be a daily thing that we do often and everywhere, even if its just to let God know how we are doing or let him know how loved and appreciated he really is

Okay one more and then i promise i will stop ranting. It drives me to insanity when people who don't pray, or go to church and live however they want claim Jesus is their "homeboy" it doesn't work like that If you truly know Jesus live the life he wants you to live Jesus should always be first in your life, its in my opinion to be taken seriously not as some joke.
If you truly Love God show it through your actions and words don't be a hypocrite and only be a "christian" when it suits you. Okay i will stop ranting now

Just remeber God loves us and blesses us each and everyday have some respect.

thanks for reading my very ranty post. I promise there are more inspirational ones to come in the near future. again thanks for reading
Remember to love others as God has loved you
before I leave here are some more pics that i came across and loved so decided to share enjoy!
Love this so true

This quote really struck something in me I love it and its soo true.

I honestly can't explain it but this photo gives me chills its soo precious whats not to love about it

anyway thanks for reading God bless Love you all

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