Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stop bullying yourself

Okay Happy sunday readers

Ever realize we are our own worst enemy. Really think about it, how many times a day do you think to yourself something along these lines
    "Why the heck did you say that now everyone is going to think your stupid"
     "Why can't you be more like.... or be more normal"
     "whats wrong with me.. I am soo... "

I know I do, but why?
Why do we compare ourselves to others?
Why do we look past the faults of others, but are soo hard on ourselves?
Why do we care soo much what others think of us?

News Flash like everyone else on this Planet we are human, we are differnt from everyone else, There is absolutly NOBODY in the world exactly like us. Soooo STOP comparing yourself to someone else guess what no matter how good thier life looks on the outside. They still have problems, or things they too want to change about themselves. Be true to yourself you are who you are and you are wonderfully different. God made you that way, don't fret it or hide from it, EMBRACE it.

We are going to make mistakes, it happens its how we grow and learn. If others can't let that go its their problem not yours. Take the mistake, see what you can learn from it and move on, working to do better next time.

Why do we care so much what others think about us. Really? I mean they are just another human, full of thier own faults. Why do we constantly have to seek their approval and until we get it we have this feeling we can't be happy with ourselves. Guess what if you are proud of yourself, then be proud you deserve to be, and you don't need anyone else to give you permission to be happy or proud of yourself.

you don't need anyone else's approval do what makes you happy and what feels right. The only approval you should seek is The Lord's and guess what he doesn't care if
                                     -you wear the coolest clothes
                                      - follow the latest trends
                                       -hang out with the "in" group

Live your life for him. Let him guide your heart, and you have nothing to be sorry for.

Remember that God loves you and you are precious and wonderful in his sight. So be precious and wonderful in your own sight.

you are talented in your own way, you are blessed in more ways then you sometimes care to see. You bring joy and light to others thats what matters

and stop beating yourself up, there enough people doing that in the world already so love yourself, be proud of yourself, accept yourself for who you are

            remember you are brilliant and loved by God, what reason do you have to hate yourself. You are absolutly amazing in your own special way. You bring something to others lives and are important to others. Love yourself.

Thanks for reading, my readers, Love you all May God bless you and yours.

Remember love one another as God has loved you

God bless


  1. Great post and very well said! :)

  2. "Why do we care what others think of us....?" My goodness- I actually have NO IDEA!!!!
    It was a very relieving post, XD Thanks for doing it!


    1. thanks for reading I am so glad you enjoyed it


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