Friday, February 24, 2012

The power of words

Hi again I know i haven't posted in a long time but i am back yay anywho moving on to the post.

Have you ever thought about words. I know that sounds weird but for a minute think about it we all say or type hundreads sometimes thousands of words a day. And if you take a moment you may realize how much of an impact they have on us. Words can change our lives, inspire us, make us wonder, make us laugh, encourage us to keep moving foward, comfort us, make us feel loved, teach us something new. However it can also break our hearts, make us doubt, break us down, make us question who we are, hurt us, make us feel alone.

Whether we realize it or not the words we speak or type have a huge amount of impact on others its all in the delievery and the words we choose. Its easy to type or say something and move on but do we ever stop to think what our words meant to someone. How much something so simple can hurt someone so much even days or months after we spoke/typed them. Its a problem both ways but even more so online since its easier to speak our minds without doing it face to face.

so instead of criticizing or getting involved in debates or fights (especially when you don't have the full story) or speaking out in the heat of the moment and letting your emotions get the best of you. Think what you are going to say over, think how it will be taken and how hurt someone may be because of it then think is it worth it. Now i am not saying to back down and let people walk all over you or not letting your opinions be heard but plan it out, make sure that you left out personal attacks or didn't say or type anything that may hurt someone. I mean we are all guilty of it and if you do hurt someone own up to it apologize and make it right between you because chances are if you are talking to someone you care for them and love them and don't let some silly argument let that break you apart and if you don't like someone well don't waste your emotion or your breath on them.

and instead of being negative be postive you will feel better about yourself and will make others feel better. comment a encouraging comment on someone's fanfic or blog or picture, send an uplifting pm or email to someone who is going through hard times, say hello or have a nice day to a stranger, send an email letting someone know you care or are thinking of them, encourage others to live their dreams, everyone needs someone to believe in them and have faith in them someone they can turn to and have faith in when all else fails be that person. Bring other spirtis up and your spirit will be lifted up too.

words do have an impact make sure your words are leaving a postive uplifting impact.

Love you all thanks for reading God bless

remember to love others as God has love you.

thanks for reading God bless

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  1. Great post, very nicely worded. I agree with you on many points.

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