Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Me in the making

Hello again.

At my old college (Valencia Community College). They had several paintings on the wall with the tagline "You in the making". For some reason this always stuck wth me (along with several other sayings from here and there).

It makes a lot of sense too. Think about it each day we strive to accomplish something, we are working toward goals and dreams and keeping and maintaining what we have already accomplished. To the optimistic person each day is a new chance to grow. None of us are perfect. Yet, we try to work on making our selves better then we were before.

Life is a continuous Journey with untold oppurtunities to grow and learn from our past. No one stays the same forever. We live, we learn, we fix. and its a continuous process. No one (i know anyways) ever woke up one day and said there is absolutly nothing i want to change or do today. Yes we may be happy with ourselves and our lives. but everyday we live and change.

I love this saying especially as a college student. Its exactly the reason we attend college, to grow and to work towards a carrer. For me that is teaching, its something I've come to realize that I want to do for the rest of my life. However if you asked me 10 years ago what i wanted to do it would have been completly different.

It was only through teaching at my church, my family's advice and encouragement, and a lot of praying, that I realized that teaching is my true calling. I teach once a week at my church and love it, I can't wait to plan a new lesson and just Share God's love with my students. Once i changed my major I felt such a sense of calm and excitement. I could actually see where this ends and now I have a plan.

Life is about growing,changing, learning, discovering, loving, laughing, fixing the mistakes of the past and working towards a better future. So we are all reguardless of age "in the making" and God has plans for each one of us. There are infinite things to discover or learn and we just do the best we can on this Journey we call Life.

Love one another as God has loved you
God bless you all Thanks for reading

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