Sunday, January 1, 2012

challenges of the past

Well it would be kind of hard to talk about where i'm going without first taking a look at where i've been and challenges i have faced and the impact they had on me right??

Honestly i had a pretty normal childhood and dealt with what most kids deal with in their lives. like ....

Bullies. you know the evil low lives that have to put someone else down to make them feel good or be popular or whatever sick reason they have. Having a speech impariment (i couldn't and still have trouble pronouncing the r sound), made me a pretty big target of bullying, nothing physical but verbal. Which in my opinion is worse since its often passed off as kids being kids and is often ignored.
However it affected a lot of my personality. I was shy to begin with and I didn't change. I rarely ever talked i was extreamly quite. I had like no self-esteem and didnt think very high of my self.

Though bullies were horrible what was worse was fake friends. At least with bullies you know what your getting. But people who pretend to be your friend only to think low of you and put you down behind your back are the worst kind of people. I much rather some one put me down to my face then act like my friend or think they are doing me a favor by being my friend i don't want sympatthy friends its soo degrading and it still has impacted my life to this day i can't completly trust anyone its hard for me to tell whether someone is truly my friend or is just pretending.

But i have opened up and became less shy and stopped worrying so much about what others think i sitll do i think we all do in a way but i refuse to let it come between me and my dreams.

well thats my post thanks for reading be kind to one another follow your dreams and God bless

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  1. I can't imagine what it's like to be a bully. I got punched by a bully twice. That was mean. But I totally agree that I'd rather have someone be brutally frank with me instead of pretending with me. This post really speaks to me because I am a rather shy person myself and I constantly have to be on guard of letting people discourage me. Awesome post!


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