Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A little "Thank You" goes along way

Now I'm pretty sure everyone has heard that at one time or another. But have you ever truly stopped to think about how true it really is??? Be honest now. Honestly I haven't until I started working at Disney.

When I started working, and noticing how very few people ever say thank you, I realized how nice it was to recieve a thank you. I mean its just a simple word, but the fact is by saying it you are recongnizing the effort the other person took, no matter how little of an effort it was.

Humans, by nature, like to be recongnized, we like that bit of approval that we did good. Yet we are so quick to forget that others like to be recongized too.

We take a lot for granted, the waiter at the restraunt, the clerk at the store, the garbage man, the newspaper guy, the mail man, teachers, and even friends and family members. We expect them to be there for us and provide the services that they provide, yet we never comment on it, hardly ever say thank you and the only time we do comment on it is to complain.

A thank you is the simplist way to let someone else know that we do care and that they are appreciated. It takes really no effort at all and can, and I speak from experince, turn someone's entire day around. The truth is those who work with people often only hear the "bad" stuff, the things they did wrong. So just a simple "Thank you" really does go along way.

The other day there was a newspaper article about a lady who a few years back started writing thank you letters, her goal was one a day for a year, to anyone and everyone, the guy at starbucks, an old teacher,etc. She has now written over a thousand letters and says the joy she gets from doing it is well worth it. So I challenge myself and you maybe not to go to the extent of all the letters, but just to keep in mind to appreciate what others do for us. Maybe write a letter to your family and friends letting them know how special they are or even saying thank you next time your in public. Little things really do make a big difference.

Thank you all for reading and until next time
Remember to love others as God has loved you and
God bless

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