Sunday, July 8, 2012

On God's Watch

Heya I am back. Okay here is another thing that has been bothering me for sometime and something that I am working on accepting and that is patience. Which I have learned is not easy in a society that has made a time frame for every aspect of our lives. For example speak before age one, drive by age 15 or 16, live on your own or move out by 18, married with kids by your mid 20's. Its easy to feel the pressure. Honestly it can be quite stressful. But why should we care so much what society thinks. Honestly I am 22 years old. I still live at home and am going to school I have yet to earn a college degree. I work part time at Disney, I still turn to my parents for support and I do not nor ever had a boyfriend. For the longest time this stressed me out. I kept thinking what is wrong with me? It seemed everyone else had it all figured out and here I am. I used to be so embarrased when anyone asked where i lived or hows my romantic life going especially with the slight (all in good fun) teasing that many family members took part in. I knew they meant nothing by it and still don't but it did (and honestly still does) hurt.

But then I started thinking about it and wondered Why?
Why should I feel ashamed just because I haven't kept society's time clock?
Why should I feel like a failure just because I haven't had a boyfriend or moved out yet?
The fact remains that this is MY LIFE. I don't have to live it to please others, I will do things when God and I thinks its the right time and not before then.
I have goals and plans and I am working towards them. I know what I wanna do in life and I am working on it. Most importantly I am putting it in God's hands. I know that God has plans for me. He will help make things work out when the time is right. So I am done living on society's watch instead I am living on God's watch.

Now that doesn't mean I am going to sit around doing nothing waiting for God to do everything. Obviously that doesn't make any sense. I firmly beleive that God helps those who help themselves. But I am not going to worry about completing things when society thinks I should I am on God's time not society's.

I am not going to worry that I don't have a boyfriend. I know that God has a plan for me and when he thinks the time is right he will bring the right guy into my life. and if I am single for a while who cares. I am done living my life to please others. I am happy and thats what is important

Why do we want to rush through life. Life is a precious gift in a world that is saying Go Go Go, its sometimes hard to stop and listen to hear God saying "wait my child"

Waiting I know can be hard. We have it set in our minds that things must be accomplished otherwise we will be put behind everyone else. But trusting God is trusting that he will bring you where you need to be when you need to be there. Have faith in him and you won't be too early or to late you will be right on time reguardless of what anyone else thinks.

So if your approaching an age or time when society thinks you should accomplish or complete something and your not ready then just wait. It will not be the end of the world I promise you. It makes you no less of a person. and it certainly doesn't make you a failure. It just shows that you are on God's watch and trusting him. If I have to follow any watch i definitly choose God's.

Don't rush through life, embrace it. Live it to its fullest and most importantly remember God has a plan for you trust him and you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for reading. Remember to love others as God has loved you God bless


  1. Thank you for this post! So beautiful and really helpful. I am staying home to attend a community college this fall and I've never had a boyfriend, so this will be really great to keep in mind.

    1. aww thanks for reading. I am glad you enjoyed it. and found it helpful. and congrats best of luck at school God bless :D

  2. Oh, I love this post!!! I don't know exactly what else to say because I just love it! XD Thank for writing it!


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