Sunday, June 17, 2012

In my humble opinion...

Okay, So after much thought and consideration, carefully weighing the pros and cons, thinking about topics to discuss, planning it out in my mind. I decided to do a segment called "in my humble opinion". I do not yet know how often i will do this segment probably monthly or biweekly. Anyway in this segment i will give my humble opinion and view on a variety of topics some very controversial others not so much. All of the topics will be ones that i care about and view as important. Please know that it is not my intention to insult anyone in doing this so if you are someone who is easily upset or feel that the discussion will cause you any harm or stress at all please don't read there will be plenty of uplifting and inspiring posts as well. For the rest of you I hope you enjoy this segment, please comment and discuss thanks.

The first topic i am going to tackle is Gay/lesibian rights and marriage. I know its kinda heavy but its one that really bothers me, its also one that parts of it i have been going back and forth on. Anyway here is my opinion on the matter. First of all let me just say quite bluntly everyone on this planet. White, black, hispanic, gay, lesbian, big, small,etc is God's child and DESERVES respect. They deserve to be treated kindly just as you would treat anyone else. The way some people treat those who are different is disgusting. There is absolutly no reason to treat anyone like they are below you. All people are God's children and are precious in his sight.

Another thing i completly disagree with is these so called relgious people (and i am not talking about all religious people i am very religious myself i am addressing a certain type of person) that think they are so righteous that they can tell gays and lesbians and futhermore supporters of gays and lesbians that they will rot in hell. Excuse me? since when is it anyones job to tell me what God thinks about me or others. What gives these people the right to speak out against the great big sin of being gay yet they seem fine with people killing others or cheating, etc. Guess what? judging and hating others is a sin too so instead of worrying about Gays and lesbians and bis going to hell and whats going to happen on their judgement day how about you start worrying about your own imperfect self. Stop looking at the faults and choices of others and judging them and worry about how to make yourself a better person. What happens to them when they die and face their final judgment as with anyone is between that person and God. so leave them alone. Do as God has told you and love one another as he has loved you i don't recall it saying in the bible love one another unless they are gay or lesbian. unless i am mistaken.

(I love love love this picture)

Another big issue when it comes to gays and lesbians is should they be allowed to get married and honestly i have been weighing back and forth on this. so i broke it up a bit should they be allowed to get married and have seen through the eyes of the church i guess not but they definitly should be allowed to be legally married. they should be allowed to make final choices for one another when it comes to the end of thier life or visit with one another in icu during their time of need. They should be allowed to be legally married in a legal sense. Honestly if we are okay with celebrites who make a mockery out of marriage by being married for hardly two weeks why do we see it so unacceptable for people who truly love each other, have gone through so much with each other and have yet to give up and will most likely remain with each other for life to have the same right that these celebrites abuse over and over again.

So there you have it my first part of the segment in my humble opinion. If you agree please comment if you disagree feel free to comment i am in no way offended that others don't share my point of view i just wanted to let you all know my point of view on different topics. Hope you enjoyed and hope no one was offended. Thanks for reading God bless and remember to love one another as God has loved you


  1. I agree; I also think that people who are gay/lesbian/bi/transgender should be allowed to get married, visit their significant other in the hospital, etc. I also really don't like it when people treat them horribly(I saw a video of a Gay Rights Rally and what some protesters of the rally were saying was horrendous).
    Love the pictures! :D

  2. thanks for reading and commenting shena. and exactly so many people treat gay/lesibians/bi/transgenders horribly and alot of the people claim to be very relgious i was told several times (in addition to being attacked pretty much) by the same guy that claimed to be a youth minister that i was going to rott in hell since i told him he should accept and be kind to everyone including gays. That was definitly an eye opener on how hateful some could be and its disgusting to see people act like that. Reguardless of your feelings they are still human beings and deserve to be treated with respect

  3. Excellent post! I agree completely!

    I'm still a little unsure on this topic, but I do absolutely believe that people who are gay/bi/lesbian/transgender should be treated equally and have equal rights as the rest of us. I especially loved where you talked about those awful people who go around telling gay people that they will go to hell. I totally agree with what you said!!! It's not our place to judge! Let he who is without sin cast the first stone! But what really gets me is that one church (I forgot it's name) that goes to U.S. military funerals and waves around offensive signs including signs that say "God hates gays". That just bothers me to no end! First of all, they're disrespecting our U.S. troops who DIED serving our country and PROTECTING them!!!!!!! Second of all, GOD DOES NOT HATE ANYONE!!!!!! I don't even know how a Christian can say that, because my whole life I've been taught that Jesus died because he LOVES EVERYONE so much that he will free us from our sins! And as Christians we are supposed to show God's love to those around us, weather we agree with them or not!

    Wonderful post!!! I loved the pictures too!

    1. Thank you soo much for reading and commenting :D and wow thats awful I don't understand how people can be that rude and disrespectful and to claim to do it in the name of God is just disturbing. What really opened my eyes on how hateful that people can be is when an adult on a youtube channel attacked me first calling me gay then when i said i wasn't he said i was still going to rot in hell since I accepted gays and their sin what scared me was this guy worked at a church and was a youth minister i was like wow someone with so much hate claiming to serve God who is love thats twisted. God taught us to love and accept others and he loves all his children so thank you for your comment :D i really appreicate it


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